Saturday, 4 September 2010

Friday Update - Space .... Again ....

Not many ways you could candy coat this little sucker.

All in all this is another none update, putting some info from 3 weeks ago on to the main web site, just does not cut it as an update.
Sure PAX is almost here, so no real info. Why don't BW say space updated, and wait up for PAX.

Let hope a week or 2 after PAX things get back to normal. Friday updates are what the masses look forward to., the past month or so has been dire.
I'm sure the next 2 weeks will be be a re-hash of what comes from PAX.

With only 5-6 months left for the spring 2012 release date, theres more things we don't know than what we do.

On a lighter note - The Jedi Wizard (Adv name class) looks like its going to be looked at again. The outcry from the followers about the naming, made BW stand up and take notice. I do understand the feelings behind this, as I myself hate the Wizard as a class name. They could of picked so many different things, like Mystic or something, Wizard just smells of FAIL.

Well stay tuned for info from PAX should be really good, as this convention seems to turn up the best insights of what the fans are looking for. Fingers crossed its crafting, but lets hope its a far cry from the WOW with a twist that they have said it would be like.

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