Saturday, 25 September 2010

Friday Update 24th Sep

With the current convection season over BW over at SWTOR seem to have got back into the swing of bringing us cool updates.

The current web comic Blood of the Empire come to a head with the final installment, along with the Smuggler video (leaked 2 weeks ago) we get info on the smugglers ship. This is by far the most iconic ship that came from the movies.

We also get a look at the Smugglers companion the Wookiee, 1 last part to note is they have the Twi’lek confirmed as a smuggler playable species. (ok we new this but now its in black and white)

Lets start off the the Web comic, Blood of the Empire #12 not going to tell you here what happens you can read for yourself. But 1 thing I will say is the seems a funny ending for this series. A few times over the last 12 issues, were very confusion jumping all over the place, so I guess this strange ending is kind of fitting.

I'm going to bypass the Smuggler video, as I have already posted about this.

by far Han Solo's ship is is the most iconic in all the Star Wars movies. It almost has a staring roll and takes on its very own persona. The Smuggler would not be complete with out his ship, it is a part of who he is, how he lives and conducts himself. More than any other playable class, the Smuggler see's his ship as an extinction to himself.

The XS stock light can be found here there's a few screen the above video and some extra info. You can feel the scale of the ship in the video, and like the Jedi and Sith ships is massive.

The last real info is the biography of Bowdaar, the Smuggler's Wookiee companion. Anyone who did not think the Wookiee would not be a companion of the Smuggler is... well crazy. We get a nice back story to Bowdaar, and he seems to be all we would hope for and more.
Bowdaar is the mean fighting no hold bared fighter, we have come to love from the movies.
You can find all the info on Bowdaar here enjoy :)

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