Saturday, 2 October 2010

Friday Update - Designing the Advanced Classes System

This Fridays update brings us a very telling Dev Blog. You can find it in full over at SWTOR.

There is a few posts that have a negative feel about this update, for myself this is 1 if not the most important updates to date. The many follows of TOR that have many mmo's under there belt like myself, have had a very long wait to get something solid about the game.
In that I mean, none story, not combat GFX but something that lets you get a feel about how your class will play.

This Dev Blog does in 1 short passage, gives us more important information about the actual game than all others put together. How your class develops over the course of the game is of great importance. I would dare say it is the single most revealing glimpse into what to really expect when TOR goes live.

You may be asking yourself why I feel this way, well let me enlighten you..

What we know atm is we have 8 classes, and so far 16 planets. We also get a few known companions. Oh and not lets forget the story part.
These updates are nice, but we don't get anything like a good insight to how or why they work.

The Adv class set-up is the 1st real, solid and telling snip of info that has ever come out of BW and TOR. Since the time this game was revealed we have never had anything that gives us some game mechanics. Here we learn how your chosen class will diverse and grow over time, and how you decide to apply points.
Now we know there are 8 classes, each having 2 Adv Specs. This gives us a distinctive 16 Adv class over the 2 factions. These Adv Specs now have a massive scope to tailer your class to your play style.

The only thing that is of concerns here is how many points we will get, and if there is no re-spec you could, in 1 foul swoop junk your class with 1 wayward misplaced point. As we mmo players know, you could play the same class 5 times and none would be the same. This set up gives us way more branches to set out on.
To be competitive in PvP and lesser so in PvE your point allocation is the begin all and end all. Shipping TOR without a re-spec will in itself, bring nothing but pain to players and BW, and it will surly hurt the game more than any other single point.

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