Saturday, 30 October 2010

Friday Update

Well its Friday again, and although we see some Agent love here, theres not so much flesh on the bones or what the game consists of.
We get another FLUFF update. BW have given us stuff we already know again, ADV class names, and a what kind of skill trees we can expect. This is nothing new, we knew the IA was going to have healing, stealth and be a basic mirror of the Smuggler.

I will say the ship update was nice fluff, as we have seen from other classes its a good size. It looks very sleek and high status. But I cant seem to get exited by ships atm until we get to know more about them. I tend to just see them as a mobile home, that engages in a mini game shooter.

Next up is the AI class video. Again nothing new here, no new skills, nothing that really stands out about combat that we did not already know. There is a companion or sorts a droid that he uses in the video. We don't know what this companion is (if it is indeed a companion) and how we get to use it.
So all in all, we get to see the same skills again in a different location.

There is however a hint at the romance arcs that we will encounter along the way. The IA being a mirror of the Smuggler, we would expect him to share the quick talking smoothness and charm that the Smuggler has.
Again theres much to speculate about this encounter, is she 1 of your companions, or an NPC that you can romance to get your own way. With TOR looking to be heading to appeal to all ages, I would expect this to be the highlight of your romance within the game.

Kaliyo is the latest addition to the biographies section. She is confirmed as the AI companion, and you would expect this to be the 1st of the companions, early in game.

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