Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Podcast Shout out

As I said in my last blog, I want to focus on some positive things around TOR. This is the Podcasts, Fan sites and Blogs around the interweb.

These are the groups of people that keep my hopes and interest intact about TOR. When all else fails (noticeably Fridays updates) they come from the shadow and have at least something interesting to say about BioWare's up and coming MMO. These are the true unsung hero's that many like myself look forward to more than the Fridays update themselves.

My main supply of comfort is

the many podcasts that cover info about TOR. The vast amount I sub to are mostly TOR related, but some cast a wider net, but I still find them a great source of information and entrainment.

The 1st I stumbled across, and got me hooked, as a Pod listening junkie was TOROCAST.
Co-Hosed by Samm and Musco. Regulars Brandon, Fodig and latest addition Kim.

This pod is me, they follow and are highly focused on TOR and cant wait to play it. Yet they are far from BioWare fan boys. They call it as they see it, if BW does wrong they tell it like it is.
They have a very tong in cheek show, and Samm's voice board has scaled to legendary status. Its a fun packed hour of TOR related entertainment that should be on everyones radar.
If your following TOR or just a little interested in it, look this pod up you wont be disappointed.

The next few pod casts are a bit of a blur, some are no longer around, but I will focus on the many that you can look up.

Darth Hater is next up. If you are checking up on TOR and not heard of the DH group then you must be living in a box. Not only do they run a very popular podcast but also 1 of the best kept fan websites out. There web is my 1st port of call after the Friday update hits, and more than not they have 200 things I just failed to notice. There knowledge of the game and lore are hard to beat.
They have a very different pod to Torocast though. (well they are all different) DH are the flip side of ToroCast.
Those at DH are the BW fan boys. They see through rose coloured glasses and always find that silver lining that the rest of us mere mortals just fail to see.
Even when the update amount to scraps they bring out there best, and make you think.
This is what they do best, its like magic, they take the nothing-ness and make it into something.

The Galatic Holofeed if you cant get enough of TOR related podcasts then this is surely 1 to check out. If only for the epic length of each and every show. 3 hours + is not a strange thing to to this pod. Suzina's chuckles will keep you smiling though out the show, and Kalvods knowledge about all things star wars is uncanny.
Yet these 2 things are not there best attribute. The 1 thing that makes them stand out from all the others, is there wild speculation segments. No other pod comes even close, and these more often than not, go almost into the twilight zone. I could spend hours (and normally end up doing this very thing) just chilling with this running in the back ground.

The Imperial Amy podcast, these peeps air live each and every week. Normally 2-3am GMT so not had as many opportunity's to tune in as I would like. They are a good fun bunch to hang out with. Its more like a friendly guild setting, when they run there pod. Also with airing live, they can take feedback and respond on the fly. If you want some instant feed back away from the Trolls after the Friday update, this is the place to be.

Corellian Run Radio Relative new comers to the TOR podcast scene, Hosts Carla and Kathy homed in on a yet untapped approach to there show. Not having the vast knowledge of the other pods out there, they turn this into a great advantage. They use they lack of lore and made it into a kind of game show.
Instead of just given you the news, they test each other on what has transpired over the weeks gone by. This is a highly refreshing, and makes for a good entertain experience.
They also do a light side/dark side thing. Not even going to explain here just go listen, all will come clear.
Only 1 down side to this pod however, it only airs biweekly.

Mos Eisley Radio Hosts Brooks and Zach do there home work well when it comes to TOR. Though they do sound like just 2 guys chatting about a game, with a vast amount a knowledge to go with it. This is by no way a bad thing, it just makes you settle into the pod and feel at home.
I alway look forward to what the pre-intro - intro will be, always something funny and new.

The Republic Part of many a subject followed by Host Gary. This 1 1st and foremost is dedicated to TOR. What makes this 1 stand out, well for 1 its the very 1st full video pod out. Each and every show brings you the video feed. Gary with co-host Jay are a bit mad if you ask me lol, though it give the benefit of showing you what they are talking about.
Which in itself is a good reason to tune in every week also.

The Anchorhead Weekly Podcast Palopit (name on the forums) not going to atempt his given name from the pod. Heis the sole host on this 1. Yeh doing a pod solo is mad right. Funny thing is though he pulls it of, normally lasting around 30 mins or so. Its not going to take up a lot of you time a good fill in. You can notice the lack of another missing host, that would fill in. Though this gives his show a little quirkiness, and a few fun stumbling blocks.

The Jedi Archive
The Tor Syndicate
The Torrent Podcast

These seem to be forming some strange love triangle, and there may be more out there making love squares and so on.
As well as bing a good all round podcat, there biggest contribution comes in the way they help others out. Making these the unsung hero's of the unsung hero's. They help get podcasts and sites set up. They also run a system to get notable articles out to the community, of other sites.

Like I said before I mainly follow TOR related podcasts, but there a few most general game pods I also follow, that help fill the void of the Friday updates

Multiplaying Is the 1st of 2 pods I listen to with great anticipation. Above all this pod has way more fun than any other. They cover a wide spread of games and do mention TOR every week BONUS!!!
If you don't already, no matter what your playing following or just glancing over. This show is a good fun packed info fill must.

Massively Another along the line as the above pod, it also casts a wide net of games and mmo's. A real good gap filler thats enjoyable.

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  1. That is an awesome list of podcasts. I enjoy most of those too. I'm a real fan of Multiplaying because they are awesome people. That and I was guest on episode 40 :)