Sunday, 24 October 2010

Friday's None Updates

Well almost right.

Its another week without anything about the game. I will no longer be party to the junk fluff none-game updates any more.
Followers are getting increasing aggravated by this Fridays update, and others like it. There is more we don't know about TOR than we do.

I have been an avid follower ever since TOR was announced, but the old "well we have it in the game" & "we are not ready to talk about that yet" has long been stale.

I find more negative about TOR of late than I could ever find positive.

I started this blog to shout about all the good things that were in and around TOR. Maybe a little selfishly I really intended it to start as a place I could keep record or all the updates that come along. These were from many a Podcast and fan webs page that litter the interwebs, by like minded followers like myself.

You may ask yourself what keeps me going, well for 1 thing its not BW, they have not release any thing solid for so long and what we do end up getting acquaints to, to little to late.

I really don't like making negative posts here, after all I want this game BAD. So my next post will be positive, a none BW focused posed and share the good side of TOR the FANS!!!!

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