Saturday, 23 October 2010

Lack of mmo/info rant.

I'm not sure if I am alone in my thinking here, but I do look forward to actual game information on the Friday updates from TOR.
Of late, the updates we have received have been lacking. Yes I guess they could be called updates to an extent. If you push the boundary's to its limit. We have had a planet, time line video (of which I did not cover last week) and this weeks update.

Weeks have past, since we have had anything that would be classed as information, in its simplest form. All we get is a hollow shell that gives us, at most more questions about the game as a hole.
You may think we have had a great deal of info from BW about TOR. I tend to disagree a lot on this subject.
What we have atm is a very slight outline, we have story, classes, planets and companions. It is has long gone past the time that we need some flesh on the bones of the game.

We are around 6-7 months out from launch, and the main core of the MMO side of things is still well and truly hidden. Every thing we hold dear in the MMO world has yet to see light. This concerns me to a great extent. Crafting, PvP, Raids and other end-game content, has yet to be relieved. If this does not have you the slightest bit worried, you really do have your head in the clouds.
What we have seen is a single player game with a few multi-playing game elements, that you could get from any number of co-op games on the market. Forget the story part of the game for just a moment. This is first and foremost an MMO. With 5years + on the development side of things and a few short months out from release. We need the MMO, this is not just a whim or a lust for knowledge, but a fact.

Not many will be duped into paying a sub for a single player game, that they could spend countless hours re-playing without shelling out time and time again to re-run a new class.
The re-roll part of the game, has been hammered heavily of late, along with story. If BW expect the core players to just re-roll over and over again, and not give players ample end-game content there will be a huge backlash from your intended targets.

I will make a prediction here, by year end 2010. If no MMO elements come along there will be savage attacks on the forums from all over. Dec will be the point of no return on information concerning the MMO game-play functions. If BW try to keep there cards too close to there chests beyond this date, it will alienate a vast amount of the MMO players in and around TOR.

You can agree or disagree, your views are welcome here and I would like to know how you feel on this subject also.

Do you feel the same as I do, or do you have unwavering faith in BW and the way TOR is heading ?

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