Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Time To Serve

Now Dec has rolled around yet again, I'm casting my eye on the year ahead. And for the 1st time I am looking to which server I would play in TOR.

I normally don't have an issue on what server I will play, but TOR has me confused a little. 1st we don't know the there will be PvE/PvP/RP or just named zoned server types.
TOR being a Star Wars game, it can be taken as a given that PvP will come along no matter which server type is available.

2 of the main games I've spent a great deal of time on where Ultima Online and SWG. Both of these had named servers and I just went with a good population size, and never thought about which time zone they were in.

Other games I normally go to the US east coast servers, as I normally play into the small hours and find more on at the time I tend to play. Though group raids or Guild v Guild fights tend to start at 3am on a weekend (my time UK) I did miss a lot of much needed sleep.

What I do know is what type of server I will spend my time on and which classes I will prioritize over other.

My main will be a dark side Trooper, followed by a light side Consular. All my classes will go for a very heavy crafting side with use of the companions. Then will roll the other 2 republic classes. I would only consider Sith classes if I need to gain more crafting skills that my other 4 can not achieve. Also I will use a highly populated PvP server if there is 1 available.

Now the reason for the confusion is that TOR is being sent out in French and German. Although I don't have anything against anyone who speaks French and German, I don't like my chat filled with it. For 1 I have no idea what they are saying and makes for a very 1 sided conversation, and mass confusion can occur when raiding.
And we British are very lazy when it come to learning a new language, heck I spent 3 years in Germany and could ask for beer up to 5 at a time, say hello and thank you and a few other words that seemed to get me food. (maybe back then I just looked too thin)
My French is no better, but if you need to know how to say " The cat is under the table" I'm your man !

Now for the 1st and only time I wont have this, bar a few Spanish speaking players, that tend to know German also, so thats not a big deal.

If there is a timed server event like Guild v Guild at silly o'clock, I will stay within or close to my own time zone. If not, I will most likely continue to use the East Coast servers, as I do find players from the US more fun on the hole.
With an added bonus they think I sound like Sean Connery, and who does not want to sound like the greatest 007 to ever grace are screens.
And I can't see myself missing out on mass guild content. So I do hope BW will release some info on which server type will be available and which if any mass content is also within the game.

Time will tell, though I'm leaning to the East Coast again with a few reservations.

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