Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Darn The WOW Posts

Anyone in and around the SWTOR forums will have noticed the vast amount of WOW related posts, and have also seen a great increase of late with there latest face lift.

Well frankly I for 1 am quite sick of it.

BW should have put in place a long time ago, a sub forum in the off topic section of the forums. Some are loving it, others see it as I do, just another face lift and a few extra lvls and some more shinny armer parts.

Anyone who has seen my Sig in the forums, can see my utter distaste for WOW and every thing about it. So why do I have to put up with topics in the main part of the TOR related forums ?

I'm sure BW also are sick the the back teeth of topics starting with
  • TOR v WOW
  • TOR the WOW killer
  • TOR WOW clone
I really have had too much of this type of junk, if you want to play WOW go ahead. I really hope you have fun. If you hate it, then fine I'm with you. But anything related to WOW should be posted on the WOW forums, they have ample mindless zombies who are well and truly INVESTED.

There will never be any good that comes out of a WOW v TOR debate. Sure some things are the same, they both are MMO's. And yes both will be using what worked in other games that pre-date both.

This does not make them bad in any way shape or form, what it does show is that they are trying to look after there own fan base. And they are trying to keep the masses appeased.

I find WOW a complete joke, it is far too easy, there is nothing good about the game till you hit end game. And with it being easy is full of pre-teen bad mouthed anti social thugs.

I'm sure thats not all that play, but they are way more prominent, so you do tend to see the down side before you meet the good old gamers that lurk in the shadows.

I would of thought by now that BW would of moved anything WOW related to the off-topic side of the forums, where like minded people could rant about it all they want. Heck if it was anything else they would of been side swiped long ago.

So why do they put up with it ?
I know BW like TOR followers to speculate about the game, but as we seen with space combat, this type of approach can have a devastating effect.
Leaving WOW related junk in the main discussion just gets peoples back up from both sides of the fence.

I would dare guess that WOW posts have a good 30% + stack in the main forums, thats how bad it has gotten. I remember a while back that the 1st 2 pages of 40 posts has 37 WOW topics in them.

This really has to stop, I'm not saying ban anything that has WOW in the topic or anything. No just have it to 1 side, so that followers can see what TOR has to offer.

Lets not make it another sub forum to Bizzard and the mass WOW players that love the game so much they are in a panic to see where TOR is heading. And feel it is there duty to to pound any and all doubt on TOR forums as they see the great WOW machine come under greater pressure, and they can sense the dominance slowly slip away.

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