Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Great Divide

There's nothing like BioWares latest Friday update, to show you the massive divide in the way follows see each and every update.

Just form a simplistic stance i've placed these into 4 groups.
  1. BioWare fan boy/girls
  2. Lore junkies and RPer's
  3. MMOer's and Gamers
  4. The 4th fits in to 2 or more of the above.
1. The BW fans take the stance of any update is more wonderful than the last. BW could place a moldy old boot on your plate, and they would still say it tastes of stake.
No matter what you think of any given update, they will not let you dislike it. And come out with the old favorite, this is not the game for you. I really think they don't want anyone to dislike or be disappointed with updates. And you as followers should be grateful for any and all offerings.
Some of the more vocal fans on the forums will attack each comment that does not fall into line with there's.

2. Lore junkies and RPer's. Although this group can fall within fan boys and MMOer's. The more hardcore love the latest offering from SWTOR. They want to have a good back story before the game starts. Updates like Biographies is right up there street. They tend to be less focused on end game mechanics, PvP and the like.
They will voice there concerns when BW does not cater to the type of gameplay they have chosen. I will add these are very valid concerns, as a Star Wars game lets those who are new to role-playing, dive head on in. Without the need to talk in the old English that many fantasy games will pigeon hole you into.

3. MMOer's and Gamers. This group wants above all info about the game. These also include the casual gamer and the hardcore, they may fall in both single player games and MMO's.
They will find little interest in lore (if any) and want to know how the game works, feels and plays. Anything outside this is a disappointment.

4. All of the above. This group will have varying different levels of interest to some degree. They will like a few lore updates, yet not go overboard and says its the best thing since sliced bread. They also like game info and may or may not like to RP/PvP/Raid and PvE.

So down to the nut and bolts of these 4 groups in respect to the ever increasing forum bickering, in the SWTOR forums of late. It all boils down to the fact, that this year is when TOR hits the shelves.
While the Fan boys are going to be happy no matter what, the other 3 groups tend to have an even increasing concern that this game will not bring out the best from there prospective.

With a few months till release, if BW do hit there intended  window of a spring release date. Time for that all important game info and RP opportunity's is quickly running out.
Not being a BW fan boy myself, and quite frankly found a fair few of there games failing to keep a whimper of my interest. I can not being myself to give unwavering faith in the way TOR will turnout.

Take the latest update for instance, I looked at them, but not read a word on any of those pages. So I do not tend to consider myself a fan boy or lore junkie.
In RP terms I have a very slight interest in RP. When I get to end game and have my crafters out making stuff, and I want to get away from the PvP and raids I will slip into the RP role for a short time.

It does no1 any good spouting off that this game is not the game for them. If they do not like the exact same things that you like. After all BW is trying to cater to all groups, and make TOR appeal to an ever increasing audience. I have yet to find any game that ticks all the boxes.
I am also sure TOR will be no different. What makes the difference from playing and walking away, is that the pluses for out-way the negatives.

I know people want to know some of the lore about TOR, and they have every right to get that before the game is released. But as I see it, I like Star Wars, I am an exclusive MMO gamer.
This is an MMO that just happens to have story. I want to experience that story in game, and the all important game MMO part should be rightly be at the forefront of each and every release.
 If I was into the lore I would read the books.

Above all I want this game to have story to propel me and grab my interest. And not a story that has game in it.

Some say we know a vast amount of info already, I would have to disagree. By the end of Jan I will be looking for the cork on the bottle to be opened and have info flowing from all over.
After this date I can see the TOR faithful asking for answers, we as gamers are very fickle. Many live for these few Friday updates to validate the endless hours of looking for answers.

BW are playing a dangerous waiting game on releasing info so close to the intended release. But as the weeks slowly tick by they are risking an all out war, over the sparse solid game info.

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