Friday, 14 January 2011

Fan Friday + Studio Insider – Starship Creation

Everything you ever wanted to know about making ships. Along with the ever growing Community Q&A from last month. Makes for a some what pleasing update.

Oh and open PvP some what confirmed, in that BW type of way, well you know how they are :)
Ship update can be found here.

Q: Will players of one allegiance be able to visit the opposite allegiance’s planets? (asked by DarkLots)
A: There are certain planets within the galaxy that are only available to one allegiance or the other, but the majority of planets are open to the Republic and the Empire, allowing opportunities to - ahem - ‘encounter’ the other side should you so desire.

 Also we get another Fan Friday, with all the normal bells and whistles.

Find the rest of this Fridays Fan update over at SWTOR

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