Friday, 14 January 2011

TOR @ Pax East 

Well as we expected BW will be showing TOR off at Pax East again this year.
And who knows what goodies will come from this years little run out. Beta, Release date and most likely some of the most compelling updates to-date.

Today is 1 of those days that you tend to wish your life away to make things go a little faster.

The Pax Reveal page can be found here, and as an added bonus StephenReid is asking what you thing that BW should bring along.
So! As part of today's update we've announced that we'll be exhibiting at PAX East this year. PAX East takes place in Boston, MA between March 11 and 13.

Now, it's too early for us to talk about what we'll be showing and talking about, but planning's underway.

What I want to discuss with you guys, though, is what kind of things you'd like to see that aren't related to gameplay or announcements. Oh, what cruel conditions.

With that in mind, what we're happy to hear ideas on are things like:
  • What sort of activities we might have on our booth, eg demo suggestions, guests you'd like to see...
  • What sort of activities we might have off our booth - including whether, for example, you'd like a community meet 'n' greet
  • What sort of things you might like to see on the web to compliment and expand on PAX East - particularly if you're not able to make the show in person
Now, a few caveats. First - we don't promise to do anything, but I like to crowd-source. Second - we have a budget, and it's not 'unlimited'. Third - be constructive.

That's it. Now let's chat.
You can find the forum post here, there should be a few fun posts in this 1 for sure :)

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