Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Importance Of Fridays

If you are following TOR in anyway shape or form, you will, like me look forward to those all important Friday updates.

These have given us that small glimpse, of what SWTOR will hold for us in the coming years.
Each and every Friday, we tune in and frantically bash out a steady rhythm with the F5 key.

Over the years, with a few exceptions of the conventions, and an exclusive gamer mag/site updates, this is where everything we know about TOR comes from. The relentless offerings each and every week, can take a turn for the better or worse.
I'm sure BioWare wish they had something each and every week to make the fans go wild and run naked in the streets, shouting TOR is my 1 true love.

But lets get real for just a moment. TOR with its long development, could never live up to what us the fans want every Friday. I am not saying you have to be over the moon here or anything. Just see it from the bigger picture.
Sometimes we get scraps, but those scraps soon add up.
We have amassed a great deal of understanding that is surrounding TOR. And these smaller updates make the other rare offerings seem just a little sweater.

Many like myself, are placing so many hopes and dreams when it come to this game. TOR (is you pardon the pun) is our last great hope. I've been an avid MMO gamer from the time Ultima Online hit, and have been in and out of so many games there after.
Though a little over a year now, I can not seem to settle in anything that even looks like a game. This is in most part, that no matter what I play, it just wont be TOR.

So these Friday updates hold for me, an extra special importance. This will be the next bit thing I will get into, and I hope that it has enough content to hold my interest for years to come.
Also with BW going to Pax East, these scraps will feature heavy in the near future.

So before you go off the deep end on these Friday updates. See the bigger picture. BioWare as a company has to turn TOR in to a profit, and these game conventions are an ideal platform for getting the game seen by the masses.

So this and every Friday until Pax, just take a little time to reflect on what is ahead. There are things you need to know, darn there are things I need to know, before TOR hits. But I'm sure most of these will be answered at PAX.

I see many great reveals coming, but they will most likely be bottle necked into Pax. You and I alike have a vested interest in TOR, but like it or not, the info that we seek will come later rather than sooner. 

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