Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Fallen Few (Burnout)

Those of us that play MMOs and games over a prolonged amount of time. Know that at some point it may lead to burnout.

The very 1st time I came across this was back in the times of Ultima Online (UO). Not that I felt the burnout before many back then.

The name "The Fallen Few" arose when I created a guild, after many of those bigger guilds folded. This guild was made up of crafters, and hard core crafters. No combat skills allowed on any class other than Mage. As mage was needed in many craft skills and a must for moving around the map.
And on a plus side TFF also stood for Thank F@#K Its Friday. Something we all can look forward to.

Note:- I here and now reserve the right to use TFF as a Republic Guild (kind of fitting after the sacking of Coruscant)

 Now back to the burnout.

If like me you follow all the TOR podcasts, and almost all the fan sites and blogs. You will have noticed, that many have just falling of the map. With many more scaling back, to the point of 1 update per month.

TOR may be the only game in the history of gaming, that has encountered burnout before the game has been released. The endless quest to gather as much information as possible is relentless. I guess this is the reason behind the never ending speculation threads on the SWTOR forums.
Everything for small quotes, to screen shots and videos, are ripped apart for every last bit on info, no matter what.

With BW's uncanny knack of answering questions, without saying anything, then leaving you with more questions than you had before. Has left TOR followers in a place of limbo. This is truly evident with those who have taken time and made 1 of the many fan sites.

The wheels of the game must turn, but more than not, the wheels we get are square. And we as fans, have to chisel these wheels, so they look like they can run. In more cases than not these more rounded, sleeker looking wheels, resemble nothing of that message BW was heading for.

So what we think we know about TOR may not be the way TOR will turnout. This is quite an unstable way to run a fan site, and I do see why many sites have folded and/or scaled back.

I would here and now thank all of those that have dedicated your time, in making the long wait more bearable.
And with TOR's released ever closer, I hope you find that spark again.


  1. Good point. Man. I do follow all the fan sites and podcasts as well, and a lot of people are just getting worn down it seems.

    Hopefully, they'll be re-energized with some solid new info, but when that will come, we can only . . . speculate ;)

  2. Yeah it is a little off-putting having to wait for so long while being fed insignificant scraps of information. Fingers crossed we wont have to wait for much longer