Monday, 24 January 2011

Quesh, Poisoned Planet

I had a good feeling about this Fridays update, and I was not disappointed.

In a distant corner of Hutt Space, the poisonous planet Quesh orbited untouched for centuries, until the surprising discovery of rare adrenal chemicals drew the Galactic Republic to further explore this dangerous world. Unable to process the chemicals into adrenals, however, the Republic was forced to turn to the Hutts for help.
Recently, the Sith Empire learned of this secret and lucrative operation, and swiftly came to steal the prize. The battle over this toxic treasure may be one of the most brutal ground conflicts the galaxy has ever seen, but the winner will gain access to powerful adrenals and a source of extreme wealth.
Access the HoloNet to learn more about Quesh. Check out this video to visit the poisonous world, and don’t forget to visit the media section for never-before-seen screenshots, concept art, and wallpapers showcasing the planet.


I always like planet updates, and new, never seen worlds are that little bit more special.On top of this new world, we get a very big hint it will be an open PvP planet also.
Add to this, that this planet will have highly sort after chemicals that will be used for the crew crafting skills.

The chemical compounds on Quesh—they are incredibly close to venenit shadaaga (Hutt Venom), a primary ingredient in high-grade adrenals for healing, reflexes, and concentration.
 We could of guessed that healing stims would be in-game to some extent, with the added reflexes and concentration, gives us a little insight in to so of the classes stats.

Reflexes - Dex/Agil - Could be used by all classes and in particular Jedi and Sith.
Concentration - Mana - Used by the Consular and Inquisitor.

With little game info for some weeks now, its nice to get a planet that has never been revealed in the Star Wars cannon. This gives BioWare a great deal of freedom in crafting this world to fit within the game, and not crafting the game to fit within the world.

It looks like Quesh could be placed in the Ques System, which is on the outside of Hutt space. Where the planet Ques, has a spaceport for ships travailing though this system. I do think that these will be side by side, as the names are very similar.

I hope BW are at the turning point to release more info about TOR. It's hard not to worry about a possible push back, when a targeted spring release, looms ever closer.

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