Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Quick VODCast Shout Out

Just a quick shout out, I'm sure you are a aware of The Republic VideoCast.

But did you also know of 2 more additions via YouTube ?

Well the 1st I came across some time ago, and is well on his way to getting a good following going. USWTORV is hosted by Aaron Thompson. He has at this time 10 uploads.

The 2nd I stumbled across just today, TORqued is hosted by Matt. This 1 is newest of the 2 with 5 uploads behind him already.

Both of the VODCasts take a very light hearted approach to there videos, and if you like your VODCasts in nice short 10 min slots I would recommend you head over to there site.

And if you don't still head over and show them some support.

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