Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My TOR Prodiction Tread

Be warned, most of this is jumble, my thoughts are all over the place in the post. I hope you get what I'm trying to say :)

Its not often I speculate on things to come, but I do like to put my thoughts down on what I hope things will turn out like.

So lets hope I don't get this way off the mark, and these are my thoughts and no real solid info behind them. Its just how I see the pre-release going in my own little world here.

So we ended 2010 on quite a strong footing, a little info on Crafting, a small look at battle grounds PvP and a sneak look at some of the skill trees. There where plenty more but these seem to stand out and are fresh in my mind for some reason.

First off lets say BW do release in the spring, and we know its not before Apri1 1st. That gives us an easy 5 months to get some solid information to the masses that are already avid followers of TOR. Many skill trees companions and planets are still clouded, and very little info to go with them. Also theres still 1 ship to reveal, as well as some crafting skill sets. And lets not forget the odd Class videos which are always well received.

Now I'm not expecting to know everything but some of these will becoming in a steady stream all the way along. I also have a sneaky feeling that BW have more planets. Don't know why I have this feeling I just do. Yet I do not think they will tell us about them, and leave it to us as players to find these through are quest lines.
As for Raids I do expect by March we will have some info, not much but a little flash point and maybe a final boss kill. This will be a low lvl raid and not some of the end game stuff. After all theres no fun in knowing how to kill epics and not being able to clam you have done it 1st.

I've never been a player that needs to know everything about a game before I play it. I just need to know the basics, something that gets me in the right frame of mind and let me loose on those given worlds. Discovering what is around the next corner, sets the explorer in me alive. I gain little pleasure in knowing where my feet will land before I get there.
So even though I thirst for knowledge, I only need a 10 second clip, then let my mind fill in the blanks.

Ok lets get to the bones of this:-
Jan - Not expecting any great reservations here. My guess is something like Dec's releases, a class video, some skill tree layouts something along those lines. I would think by the end of Jan, BW would be trying to widen game testing. I have no idea how many are testing atm, I would guess no more than 2K at the outside.

Feb - I think this will be an interesting month, we may see that last of the crating skills arrive and I'm hoping for 1 planet reveal here also. But this month will be a full on push to get a great deal of the projects closed. maybe get a snip of that deadly PvP footage. That many have been waiting for. If game testing has not been bolstered in Jan, then BW would be fools to bypass this month and keep on doing what there doing. Game servers need to be tested from other area's.

Mar -If BW still heading for a spring release by this month, you would guess that it would be Apr or May. Not many MMO's have hit there release date, and had a smooth ride from launch. And it would have been almost 1 year to the date, that this spring release was announced (or leaked depending how you look at it).
This leaves a great deal of error, we have no idea what if any problems have occurred along the road.Trying to get a somewhat close balance of PvPvE in the classes is going to back braking full on slog. If its not set in stone be now this month will be a mostly dedicated to this 1 thing.

This will be a month were we will learn more about TOR than we have in the past year. Info should be spilling like beer at a free bar. All the nice things will happen here, stuff like in-game footage and an all out free-for-all on info from many different media outlets.
A solid release date to be set in Mar also, pricing of the game and monthly subs to be announced. Correct pre-orders after years of them going up and down on a multitude of sites.

Apr - May - These 2 months could spell the end of are 2 year wait. I don't expect a full on open beta to be announced. If there is it will be the shortest open beta in the history of gaming, and more aimed as a stress test of the servers.

If The release is heading for May, Closed Game/Beta testing will hit an all time high in Apr. I have no problem seeing 10s of thousands getting invites. I don't see this as BW trying to catch any last glitch or anything. It will be more of seeing how the game and the servers cope with a max capacity of payers and tweak codes to get these servers to run at peak performance. Something like that of Rift, weekend beta pulses.

Well I'll not go on after May. For me the game should be coming this month, at the very earliest the end of Apr.

A release after May then something has gone wrong. And we will hear those unforgivable word DELAYED.

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