Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dev Blog Friday

As Far as Dev Blogs go this ranks along side the best.

New screens, 2 very nice video flash points, the 2nd being my all time favorite. Its akin to something to a Monty Python sketch.
"Pond this curd to the ground" ! ROFL. You know I'm going to use this in game for sure hehehe.

Over all this is a nice blog, you see things from a prospective that I myself would have never thought of. Like taken in what kind of camera angles to use, and how the does this place feel then on top of it what music is there to go with it.

Things that we just take for grated. But the complexity behind what goes in to these flash points is just above and beyond what I would of thought. Its nice to take a small step into the shoes of the people behind the scenes, if just for a moment. And better still that these unsung hero's let us take a look into there world.

You can find the rest over at SWTOR

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