Monday, 3 January 2011

Burn The Witch

Some of you may have noticed what transpired yesterday in the SWTOR forums.

About a poll I placed on the 28th of Dec 2010-2011 PodCast Of The Year. This poll was made in the spirit of Christmas, and although the outcome of this poll was less important than getting some interest for those of lesser known, but not lesser quality podcasts in and around SWTOR community.

I would dare say we all could of seen at least the top 3 and just the final positions up for grabs. My hope was to shed some light on those other podcasts out there.

Great podcasts like, Corellian Run Radio, The Galactic Holofeed, The Imperial Army, Moseisley Radio, and the ever faithful and The TOR Syndicate.

These are some of the 13 podcasts I posted, and have listened to each and every podcast that they have been so grateful give us over the years. In fact all these pods are taken from my personal Itunes Account.

Now to my part I played in the downfall of this poll.
1st and foremost, in my haste to get this poll out, I forgot to place my chosen closing date to the poll.
2nd I did not close the poll after I announced the winner after what seemed to be a very static state the poll had taken. This I put down to the fact that my hangover was getting the better of me, and even sitting upright after a full day partying had beat me down for another year. I did however post on this blog and I Tweeted the results. That as much as my head could take at the time.
3rd Point of this downfall was my misunderstanding of the mass amount of new accounts that voted for 1 of the top 3 pods. At the time I thought that there was some vote rigging going on. I quickly found out this was not true and did a public apology. But alas the damage had already been done.

Now after getting some much needed comfort sleep, I returned to the forums finding  The Republic gaining a massive 200+ votes in what seemed like no time at all. I wrongly took this as vote rigging.
And in an attempt to protect the reputation of the guys and girls over at GameBreakerTV I posted my thoughts on the subject.

This was not an attack on The Republic in any way shape or form.I would of taken this action no matter what the podcast amassed this many votes in this allotted time. If indeed you think I am part of some conspiracy you may wish to check out an earlier blog I did back in Oct all about the Pods out there. Podcast Shout out.

Now this thing was not all 1 sided, those happy head hunters over at The Republic, got that mob mentality. Torches and pitchforks the ready. Even though my intension's were in good spirit, this was the final nail in the coffin to this well meaning poll. Yes there was a short time they had a right with the misunderstanding that happened earlier. 
But I guess its possible that everyone in the live podcast chat room has totally missed my post addressing the the for-mentioned misunderstanding.

As for those well meaning hosts, they did not try and quell that angry crowd, and proceeded to throw more fuel on what was now a raging fire.Not once did anyone from that chat room click on my link to this blog, which clear for all to see in my sig in the SWTOR forums. Then they would of seen my intension for what is was.
I had no control over what happened after I announced the winners. My intentions were always noble and this was more to do with given those that give us these podcasts thanks for all that hard work. The outcome was always on the back burner, and I'm very sad to say many forgot what this poll was all about.

Well I'm sure that this was all very entertaining and made for great viewing. But alas this placed this poll in a very negative light. Which was far from the intended purpose.

So for all those that need that last pound of flesh here I am, for all the others thanks for taken this poll in the spirit I 1st intended it to be.

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