Saturday, 14 May 2011

Friday Update & News Round Up

With Blog Spot being down for a few days, I missed my weekly news from around the web. But now I'm back and with it being after Fridays update I'll start from there.

The Sith Inquisitor Records

The quality of videos coming from SWTOR have been getting getter and better. You sometimes forget this is all in-game footage.

This one just goes to show that the Sith are sneaky and evil. Well what else would you expect from BioWare ?

This Weeks News Round Up

Not one but two screen shots this week, 1st from the weekly and the next comes after Facebook gained 300K likes :)

Sad News At ToroCast

ToroCast this week had some sad news. One of the longest running sites and PodCasts around, already finding there feet after loosing Fo from the site the week before. Now have also seen the departure of Musco and Kimi. Two big players when it comes to the PodCast and site side of things.

This has left Samm to recruit new staff members, I not sure I would wish this type of thing on anyone to try to replace 3 highly prominent figures such as these.

I would like to wish everyone best of luck, and for Samm I just hope he comes through this with all his facilitates intact. Good luck ToroCast your going to need it !

Massively's Larry Everett aka over on Twitter. Has published the easiest to follow run-down of the Fan Site Summit. Those wishing to cover everything that came from the event should check this one out. 

StarWarsWorld  A new fan site database is starting up. Something you should all keep an eye, data base site will become a must to have when TOR hits this year.

Bootleg Radio Darn I love this. This is strictly an adults only radio show (well the latest one is for sure) it comes with IRC chat and grabs guests on for an hour to come on and chat. This show starts at midnight GMT and I find myself staying tuned in till 4am such is the entertainment value. Also point to note this is a radio station not a PodCast. This will be the 3rd week in regards to SWTOR and they are looking for more players to run a show of there very own. If you have not done so already check this sucker out.

TwoTORGamers have there 2nd VodCast out this week. This one is quickly growing on me, it has for me rate among the highest quality VodCasts around.

Last but not least

Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says

Check the rest of the story out here.

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