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Friday Up - The Pre-E3 Band Wagon

GameSpot has got hold of another exclusive video before E3, and a very nice interview with Daniel Erickson.

Pre-E3 Trailer

You can head over to GameSpot here to check the rest of the article out.

That was part 1 of 5 on this Fridays update. Though the next 2 parts were released early that being the comic and EA's new Origin service that will be the only place you will be to obtain SWTOR on digital download.

Part 2 of  5 Origin

Here is a post by StephenReid

Hey everyone – well, apparently once again the online world trumps newsprint, as a story that was supposed to pop tomorrow popped up tonight! Let me give you a couple of notes on Origin.

First off: Origin is a fantastic new digital initiative from EA, and we're pleased to confirm that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be available exclusively for digital download from Origin.

However, even though you'll only be able to buy and download The Old Republic digitally via Origin, you will still be able to buy a retail, boxed copy of the game from your favorite retailer (and that includes online retailers who’ll ship the box to you). BioWare and EA know the value many gamers place on a cool boxed product... and we’re producing a cool boxed product. (Or maybe I should say 'boxed products'. )

Second: it's easy to hear an announcement like this and assume it means that we're about to drop another bombshell or two, especially with E3 around the corner. The reality is, this sort of pre-show announcement is pretty standard PR work, so that the story can 'breathe' a bit before E3 news obliterates everything else.

While I will say we have some super-cool stuff coming out of E3 – some of which you’re actually going to see before E3 starts – I don't want you to jump to conclusions just yet. Instead I'd suggest you just strap in and enjoy the ride. We know every single one of you wants to know when The Old Republic is going to launch, and I assure you, when we are ready to give you a date we'll broadcast it loud and clear.

As I'm sure you know, we’re 100% committed to making Star Wars: The Old Republic the best quality game (and service) it can be, as you'd expect from a BioWare MMORPG set in the Star Wars universe.

I've said before that an announcement as big as release date will be so big, it'll come thundering towards us and we'll all hear it long before it arrives. That train's coming... but so far, I'd just say we've laid down some early track.

You have questions, no doubt, and all of them will be answered in time. For now, sit back and enjoy E3 next

I'm not ecstatic about this myself though I can't see the big deal about it. I would much prefer it be available on steam or something like that. A service that is dedicated to things of this type.
I can see the benefit of EA making there own service as this will generate a larger initial income when TOR is released.

Yet I fail to see much if any benefit to the many TOR followers in placing it on its own away from the well successful and highly stable platforms we already have in place.. This is all about making money and not about what the costumers want.

Part 3 of 5 The Lost Sun's Comic

This kind of got revealed a day or two ago and was incorporated into the Friday update somehow. Though this time we did get a little more info and a couple of pages from the comic.

I'm not much of a comic guy but I do like the art in this one, not to the point I would buy it but it's nice all the same.
You can find the rest of this update here.

Part 4 of 5

New Advance Class Page

Oh hell yeh. This is more than just a new coat of paint. Its a lot easier and straight forward to follow and find what you are looking for. For me BW should carry this to every other page on the website.
The advance class page can be found here its a big improvement on what was in play before.

And last but not least - Part 5 of 5 !!!!

The Old Republic At E3

New screen shots, the run down on what to expect from E3 and a whole host of site bringing live feeds from E3 itself.

I'm sure the caption of this first screen has the guy saying "go ahead pull this finger"

You can find this update here.

This is silly amounts of info just before E3 this being normally a time of little info and mass speculation. Hope this is just the tip of the iceberg, and we get a great deal more once E3 is under way in just a few days time.

Bring It On!!!

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