Thursday, 2 June 2011

This Weeks News Round Up 2nd June

 Yay at long last a screen shot with things in it. Don't get me wrong I'm not a hater of tables and chairs or anything. I just don't see any interest in them that's all. (please note no tables and chairs were harmed in the making of this post)

Well here we are again yet another week closer to E3.

The SWTOR Forums are still going over the same things that have been QQ'ed over countless times. We are now longing for new info to burst onto the scene.

As such good news is sparse to say the least, yet there is still a few fun nuggets out there to wind away a few moments in anticipation before E3 hits in few days.

SWTOR-Station - Before I get to the better news I have noticed a site that seems to be going none active. Myself I love new sites and do what I can to give them a shout out and sent some traffic there way. I know first hand it takes some time to get the word out when you first start you can loose hope if no one takes an interest no matter how good your content may be. So seeing a long running site going the other way is a sad thing indeed.
I hope this is not the end as this used to be one of the site I would go to daily.

E3 Meet And Greet - Details are now in about the meet and great event at E3 you can find all the relevant data here.

TOROZ has posted some nice Star Wars parodies, the top ten in there opinion. Yet they failed to find a spot the one I would say should take the top spot. So in good faction I'll post it here and you can give them the nod that they forgot this little one and tell them MrWarlock sent you lol.

Corellian Run Radio has found some entertain art from across the webs.
Star Wars Goes Corporate and Patron Saints Of The Empire

A new comic is coming out next week also The Lost Suns for all you comic buffs out there you can find the link here.

Well that's all I guess another quiet week just before E3 lets how this time next week I have heaps more to spark your interests.

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