Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Friday Update - Does My Gun Look Big In This ?

The trooper progression video hits and with only 1 more update until E3 arrives.

This is huge so close to the largest gaming convention on the planet looming near. This video is so telling, when in Austin I asked about stealth and stealth detection.

The answer I was given was that stealth detection was not in the game "yet". Which I found quite strange to say the least. But this clearly shows the trooper vanguard having a stealth detection ability which must have only been implemented soon after the fan site summit.

So what we are seeing here in the way of skills is really bang up to date. Two months ago this skill was not even in the game, and it goes to show how quick BioWare are progressing with the game it really is coming along in leaps and bounds.

And all you peeps out there with your sights set on the trooper, BACK OFF. I seen it first and I called commando long before the trooper was even announced as a playable class.

This Fridays update has me so hyped for E3 now. If we get this so close what else can we expect from the event itself ?

Still one Friday to go, not hoping for much this coming Friday. Anything we get will be a bonus I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that E3 will bring a whole host of goody's our way.

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