Friday, 27 May 2011

This Weeks News Round Up 27th May

Well I'm almost back on track with the little outage BlogSpot had last week. So by next week I should be back to where I was on the right times.
Oh and not to forget I recently found MineCraft which kind of sucked a fair few days from my life.  

Site news This Week

ToroCast is been shining once again, Samm got a team together and put out Episode 102 last week and 103 this week. Even without the ever present Musco, Kimi and Fo it still remains a highly enjoyable PodCast.

TOR-TALK has a new face on TORqued VodCast Matt Hozak. You can catch all the latest and read up all about Matt here.

Corellian Run Radio Posted a nice video with George Lucas. Something about a new ride of all things.

My Stuff

I've kind of forgot to post links to my articles on SWTOR-Life for a bit so I'll link them now when I remember. In reverse order.

Server Types Pro's And Con's.

Protection Against Spoilers.

I'm Still Not Sold On Crew Skills.

Oh and I got to take part in Galactic Undergroud on Bootleg Radio. Have I mentioned how much I love this show ?
If you have not done so already go check it out, it has an endless circuit running none stop and very, very entertaining, Oh and I will not excuse my accent though in my own defence I did indulge in a few beers before hand :)  

Kind of another quiet week all in all. If you have news that you would like to be shown here be it from a Fan Site or Guild hook me up in Twitter I'm always on the lookout and would love to give you a shout out here.

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