Thursday, 23 December 2010

Time To Reflect

I've been thinking of doing this post for a few weeks to reflect on TOR in the past year, this blog from its humble beginnings and self centered reasons behind it, and also the good friends I have made along the way.

Yet before I did a little back tracking to see what stood out from the year before, Darth Hater posted a great post on there site. Do go over and check it out. Some good interviews, posts and other good stuff from this years trinkets that BW have released.

But this year was not all flowers and rainbows.

Can anyone say Jedi Wizard ???
Ok this was fixed, which stood well with the followers. Also the way BW handled the Space Combat. Not the fact that how it turned out, but the way they let us speculate and build the beast up to something that it surely will not be.
These are really the only 2 down sides I can point out. Which in its self should stand as a good testament to the way BW have handled TOR over the year.

Over that last year I have found it increasingly hard to get back in MMO's, which is more down to everything else out there not being TOR. So I found myself with more time on my hands that I have ever had before.
But instead of doing all that fitness junk, I pored more time into following what TOR was doing.

That is how I ended up here. I found myself with overwhelming odds, that I could not collate all the info that came in from over 30 sites and 20+ podcasts. So thats why I started this Blog, a place where I could check on all that info in just 1 place, and also giving a heads up of notable posts from around the web.
I had no intension of it going out to more than a few friends that I have made on twitter and a few of my good pals that are also following TOR.

I find myself very humbled that other people through word of mouth find this blog worthy of there time also. This above all shaped how this blog evolved from just a pure info based site, to something I enjoy sharing my very 1 sided opinions over.

As the holiday season comes around, and we turn into the people we always hoped we would be. It nice to reflect on all the good things that happened along the road.

So the good stuff, 1st off I did a podcast shout out early in the year. If you are a follower of TOR and lust after more info check out post here. It's a little out of date already and I will ind-ever to update this in the new year, I will also do a run down of other TOR related fan sites.

Now to my TOP 5 BW releases this year.

1. Top spot for me goes to the Crafting system. As being a crafter this could of killed that game before it started. It needed something that was interesting and its own game with-in the game.

2. Next up I would pick the Warzone update. I'm so pleased they have made the warzones this way, I was hoping for more than another group PvP instanced zone. I loved this type of PvP in SWG and I am looking forward to this also.

3. The 3rd I have picked is Video Documentary #4 this answered a lot of questions and showed us how the classes played. I am not sure how many times I have watched this video, and I still find it hard to be drawn away from the screen every time.

4. Mysteries of Knights of the Old Republic, having not played KOTOR I still found this video very interesting. It had to make into the top 5 releases of the year.

5. And for me, a very selfish release of the latest video of the Trooper has to go here. Knowing what class I was going to roll long before it was released swayed me to include it in the top 5 list. This was this 1 video I have been longing for, you could also interchange this with the other class videos that have come before. But this guys and girls belongs to me.

So thats my round up, for those that follow this blog I will try to keep you informed, make you smile from time to time, and I hope give you something to think about above all.

To you all take care over the holidays, and for a few short days, be all you can be.

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