Friday, 24 December 2010

Trooper Love Friday

As we thought its Trooper Love Friday WOOP!!!

So much to dive into, screens, companion and ship as well as a heap load of other stuff. This my friends is why my x-mas will be a magical 1 :)

Always on the front lines of battle against the Empire, Troopers seize every tactical advantage at their disposal to defend the Republic. With combat experience and intense training, Troopers can specialize to increase their battlefield prowess. The Trooper’s Advanced Classes will allow you to customize your Trooper to match your desired playstyle: improve your Trooper’s defensive tactics and capabilities to become a nearly unstoppable Vanguard, or go all-out on offense and become a deadly Commando.
In addition, several other details about the Trooper class are now available:

  • Meet one of the Trooper’s more irreverent companions, Tanno Vik, an ex-military demolitions expert who really loves his job.
  • Humans aren’t the only species who step up to defend the Republic. The indomitable spirit of the Zabrak has lead many of these aliens into the ranks of the Republic’s finest. Learn more about this proud race on the Zabrak Inhabitants page.
  • Troopers are given access to the high-powered Rendili Hyperworks BT-7 Thunderclap, a heavily-armored starship powerhouse upgraded with state-of-the-art tech requisitioned by Republic Special Forces.
  • The Trooper’s dedication to the Republic and its ideals fuels a powerful drive for victory, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Watch the Trooper Class Video to see what drives a Trooper – and what they do to those who threaten the Republic.

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  1. Great video, tempted to make my 2nd as a Trooper though I admit I dont like being a 'tank' class.

    My first and main will be a Smuggler still.