Saturday, 16 July 2011

Friday Update - SWTOR Intro

Now although this has very little info on the game itself. As far a fluff updates go (none game mechanics) this is by far the best "fluff" to come out of BioWare. 

The first time I watched this short video I thought it was a little short, then I cast my mind back to SWG and the length the intro there was. Any shorter I would of been up in arms and if it went a little longer you tend to get sick of it real quick.

I thought it was great the first time through in SWG yet the next 2 times seeing the darn thing it really got on my nerves.

Another plus side is that by the looks of it every class will have its very own intro, who else other than BioWare would go to those lengths. Sure other mmo's do a race intro mostly of a flyover of the starting town but nothing like this. This just stands as a testament of the thought that BioWare has placed in creating a story based mmo where you the player matters.

This weeks update you can find here we also get a community Q&A also on the same page, and a little more info on Comic Con.

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